Public Welfare Would Be Hurt In Pennsylvania Without Table Games

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Lawmakers in the state of Pennsylvania have been tangling with the table game expansion issue for months, and Governor Ed Rendell set a January deadline to get the legislation done. On Monday, Rendell outlined his plan for job cuts should the deadline not be met.

Among the state jobs that would lose the most workers, Public Welfare and Corrections is where the most casualties would be. Lawmakers, however, believe that new legislation will be in place before the deadline.

There were several legislators on Monday that claimed that a deal was reached on a new table game law. The next step is going to be for both the House and the Senate to approve the new law, and hopefully there will be no hangups.

The biggest issue as of the holidays was the issue of expanded casino licenses. Many lawmakers wanted an additional license to be issued in Pennsylvania, while other held their ground on the idea that there had already been enough expansion in the state.

Pennsylvania has been one of the states that has gone full throttle towards making an impact in the casino industry in the Northeast. New casinos have opened in Pittsburgh, and there is a casino that is in the works in Philadelphia.

Already, lawmakers have written revenue from table game gambling into the new state budget. The governor has signed the budget, and has been pressuring the lawmakers to work out the details of the new laws.

Online Gambling Market

Playtech Coming Back To US Online Gambling Market

It has only been a little over a month since Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars left the US online gambling market, forced out by indictments handed down by the Department of Justice. With two of the most popular online poker sites gone, it was only a matter of time before other software providers re-entered the market.

On Tuesday, Playtech announced a deal with the California Online Poker Association in which Playtech will become the software provider for COPA. The move comes at a time when most companies are staying as far away from the US Internet gambling market as possible.

Playtech had several other companies battling for the agreement with COPA. By all accounts, it was going to be one of the biggest accounts once the laws are changed in the US, and those changes may come as soon as this year. Several states, including California, are moving in the direction of online gambling regulations.

Until the laws are changed on a state or federal level, Playtech will only be providing free games outlets for COPA customers. It is estimated that over two million people in California are currently playing some form of online gambling games. The free games provided by Playtech will serve as a way to get customers accustomed to the games in the case that the laws are changed.

The revenue analysts at Playtech have already estimated that the deal with COPA will become one of the top five revenue generators within the Playtech network when the laws are changed in California. Legislators are currently examining a bill that would regulate online poker.

In the past year, several European gaming companies have started to make their entry into the US market. Joining Playtech are William Hill, who bought several sports books in Las Vegas, and 888 Holdings, who has partnered with Caesars. Betfair also has interests in the US.

Online Gambling

Piers Morgan Going From Online Gambling Favorite To CNN

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Piers Morgan is currently a judge on one of the most popular shows of the summer, America’s Got Talent. The show has drawn the interest of many online gamblers, as previously reported here on CGW. When the show wraps up next week, Morgan will move into his new role on television.

On Wednesday, Morgan and CNN reached a deal that will take Morgan from the judges chair, to the chair formerly occupied by Larry King. Morgan will be replacing King when the media mogul retires at the end of the year. Morgan is expected to take over early in 2011.

America’s Got Talent has become one of the most popular reality television competitions for both fans and gamblers. Online sports books have been offering odds on who will win the competition, and gamblers have responded by taking their chances throughout the season.

“As was the case with American Idol and Dancing with the Stars, America’s Got Talent has drawn interest from the gambling community,’ said Gaming Analyst Brad Dawkins. “With gamblers looking for something to wager on while football was on hiatus, America’s Got Talent filled that desire this summer.”

Las Vegas sports books have always offered a wide variety of proposition bets for gamblers to place wagers on. Morgan, through his role as a judge on America’s Got Talent, has been in a position to critique the contestants and fans have kept a close eye on his analysis.

Heading into last night, it was twelve year old singer Jackie Evancho that was the favorite to win this season. Evancho has odds of 11/10. Fighting Gravity is the second choice, with odds of 5/2.

CNN will attempt to take advantage of the popularity that Morgan has gained while judging reality competitions on television. Morgan’s background of being a no-nonsense reporter and editor who CNN believes will be able to ask the tough questions that King has posed to his guests for years.


PartyGaming Stock Rises With Possible US Return Looming

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PartyGaming was once considered to be the top online gambling company in the world, but legal trouble with the US caused the company to lose some of its steam in recent years. PartyGaming was accepting US online poker players, and eventually the US went after the foreign-based company.

A settlement was reached in the case, and that freed PartyGaming up to pursue a move into the US market in the future should the country change its current online gambling laws. In the meantime, PartyGaming reported a fifteen percent profit increase in the last year, driven mainly by their casino and bingo offerings.

In recent months, PartyGaming has moved into countries such as France and Italy. Other countries have also changed their gaming laws, and PartyGaming is expected to be offering their service to customers in Greece, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, and Denmark in the near future.

“The overall growth of PartyGaming is in line with other online gaming companies,” said Gaming Analyst Steve Schwartz. “With so many more countries now openly accepting Internet gambling, the industry is only going to become more profitable as time goes on. PartyGaming should continue to see their figures rise in the coming years.”

Net income for PartyGaming in the last year was $54 million. The year prior, PartyGaming had a loss of 4.5 cents per share. Sales were up to 357.3 million euros. The gaming revenue itself is currently being overshadowed by the companies acquisition of Bwin Entertainment. The newly formed company, Bwin,party Digital Entertainment Plc., is expected to become one of the largest and most powerful online gaming companies in the world.

Mergers seem to be the new trend in online gaming, with companies trying to position themselves to enter some of the major markets worldwide. The US will eventually be the prized market, but lawmakers have yet to successfully come up with a bill that would overturn the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act.