Jan 09

Facebook Fans For Businesses And Celebrities

How to Köp Facebook Likes? Many people who are interested in increasing the number of fans on social networks, it can bring greater brand awareness on social media. Here’s your opportunity to buy facebook fans with 100% real and active profile to your Facebook page.


What to do after buying fans?

So you’ve moved on, chose a nice, short and sweet name Facebook fan page, uploaded a few nice pictures, has installed custom applications and has decided to buy Facebook fans, perhaps a hundred thousand fans, or even 1 million fans. Possibly you’re wondering now what the next step to take is.

For now, it has been realized that buying fans is the best thing to do to promote your presence on Facebook. Here are some important steps to take for anyone who is serious about their marketing on Facebook:

  1. Facebook was created for one simple reason: to share. Share status updates, photos, news, jokes, etc. Even their website has a slogan that highlights this goal: “Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life.” So, go ahead and share! Start sharing with their circle of friends and then with your circle of friends. Extend your reach by sharing on other social networks like Reddit, Digg and Tumblr, and others. Of course, connect your Facebook account with your Twitter account, in this way, each status update will be posted as tweet on his Twitter page, doubling its reach without any additional effort. The more you share, the more people will remember you, and in turn share with their circles. Of course, no mention that it was decided to buy Facebook fans, in order to maintain the illusion of live marketing.
  2. Publish status updates every day without exception. Statistics show that many times that regular daily publications increase their number of interactions and fans exponentially. Publications do not have to always deal or important news about you or your company releases.
  3. Do not just write posts about you or your company. Talk about news or interesting information in your industry, post funny comments, and organize competitions and discounts that are only available to your Facebook fans.
  4.  Let everyone know your presence on Facebook. You can do this in many ways, which leads to the traditional marketing out of network. Print your Facebook in all its advertisements and bills. Also print scanning API codes everywhere you can. Post a press release. Buy advertising space either on the web or in magazines, bus stops and train stations. After buying fans, you have to spread around the world.
  5. Contact the local and national press. Post a press release. Contact journalists and broadcasters your story, and made ​​a television report about you. It’s easier than you think: just look for the contact information of the journalist on the website of the television and send an e-mail quickly and professionally with your item. Do not be discouraged; receive hundreds of articles, but the amount is the key when it comes to media relations and public relations, so keep sending articles and published. Buy Facebook likes is only the beginning of his success on Facebook.


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